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Hardscape Repair and Maintenance

Restore the Integrity of Your Hardscapes With Our Masonry Services

hardscape repair and maintenance

Masonry is a stunning addition to any landscape, but even if your walkway, patio, or retaining wall was installed with perfection, over time the wear and tear from the elements result in weathered and sunken pavers, cracked bluestone, deteriorating mortar joints, or failing retaining ability. We can repair, restore, and refinish these hardscapes at a fraction of the cost of completely replacing them.


Have a patio that needs repointing? A walkway that has sunk over time? Crumbling brick steps that are presenting a safety hazard? A retaining wall that needs reconstructing? Need pressure washing and sealing of any masonry surface? Organi-Green can provide you with the services your hardscape needs to be safe, beautiful, and long lasting.

Serving Mercer, Somerset, Hunterdon, Burlington, Bucks and Montgomery Counties

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