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Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Management Services

A safer alternative to toxic synthetic chemicals
organic lawn management services

Organi-Green provides environmentally responsible lawn management services that avoid the potential health risks associated with synthetic chemicals.


The Organi-Green program is complete nutrition for your lawn. In addition to providing the necessary minerals and elements that your lawn needs to be healthy, the program also replenishes beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Your soil’s natural ecosystem is rebuilt and allowed to function normally.  As this ecosystem gains strength, your lawn is able to more easily absorb nutrients, find water at deeper levels and fend off disease, insects and weeds.


Our program also incorporates the use of organic weed and insect controls to keep your lawn green and healthy, naturally.


The use of proper cultural practices such as mechanical aeration, and over seeding with athletic field quality seed further enhance your lawn’s durability.

Serving Mercer, Somerset, Hunterdon, Burlington, Bucks and Montgomery Counties

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